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At BioMechanic Physical Therapy our techniques are founded in your body mechanics; from when your foot hits the ground then up through your knees, hips and beyond. A common example is when overpronation in the foot causes knee pain. Maybe you just need new shoes - not a knee operation. We can help sort that out.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy ensure that the physics of you are optimized to get to the reason of why you; 1. developed a problem that came on slowly or 2. what body mechanics may have been thrown off by your injury or surgery. We use precise tools to measure, our analytical minds to solve the problem, and our hands to restore you to perfect! We are a manual therapy clinic that also uses the latest in technology.

We know it is important to address your symptoms now, but more importantly -- to also correct the source of your pain. This makes you feel better now - and it prevents your problem from coming back.

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