Get Treatment without a Prescription

BioMechanic Physical Therapy fully supports direct access, which means you can come straight to us without needing to see a physician first. The law allows us to treat patients for up to a month without a prescription or referral so you can receive the best possible physical therapy without any delays.

We understand the inconvenience of being far from your regular healthcare provider or not having one at all. That's why we offer our services to patients who may not have access to a physician in their area.

For those with chronic conditions, the course of therapy can be repeated after a 60-day window without a doctor's referral. This ensures you have ongoing access to physical therapy without constant doctor visits.


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We are here to alleviate your pain, restore your function, and help you achieve your goals. Don't let pain hold you back any longer. Contact us today to set up an appointment or get more information about pain management or physical therapy.

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