In our video gallery you will find videos on topics ranging from help with diagnosis, treatment, prevention, tools, tips and tricks, and even follow along exercise videos! Some cover how to handle having to sit at a desk all day or how to throw a snowball!

We cover different types of pain, injuries and surgeries on; back and neck, foot and ankle, toes (bunions), shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, wrist and hand.

We show different types of treatments such as cupping, dry needling, Iontophoresis, types of massage, electrical accupunture, ultrasound, Laser, Graston, and more.

Get to know our staff by watching them! See custom foot orthoses made (there are different types of orthotics and ways to make them.)

Tips for How to Stay Young

Keep your fast twitch fibers twitching

Counteract all of that sitting!

Train so you don't fear falling

You've heard of Aerobics but what about Neurobics? How to keep your brain young.

Stepping it up with Nick

Curb balance exercise

Proprioception & balance the long version

You can see your physical therapist without waiting in the doctor's office first.

Julianne helps with Neck Posture

Alternatives to Walking with Crutches

Sitting Too Long?

Hip Flexor Stretch for people who sit too long

The one stretch Hanna never leaves out....

Is that old prescription still valid?

8 Minute Geriatric Exercise Vol 3 - Getting Up After A Fall

Danny Shoulder Stretch

8 minute Geriatric Workout Video - Volume 1

Foot problems? Maybe it's your intrinsic to find out.

Foot & Ankle Pain Workshop Thursday July 6 2017

Trigger Point Dry Needling Workshop 8/8/2017

Plantar Fasciitis Differential Diagnosis then Treatment

The (not so ugly) truth about (ugly) bunions!

Is it Because You are Old?

8 Min Geriatric Workout Video Volume 2

Regular physical therapy vs biomechanic physical therapy

Create your own schedule with BioMechanic PT

Sometimes Going Out Of Network can Actually Cost Less!

Do you ever wonder why your aches & pains are on the same side?

What Health Insurance Do We Accept?

Best Strategy for Insurance Deductibles

Back Pain & Scoliosis Workshop Video

BMPT Tin Foil Sculpture Competition

Knee Pain Relief | Watch Our June 2016 Workshop on Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Workshop Coming Soon!

BioMechanic Physical Therapy Trailer

5 Star Review & Testimonial | Knee Range of Motion Success


"Sometimes the diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain is incorrect, even if your x-ray shows a heel spur. Watch this video for how to diagnose and how to treat it."

Foot & Ankle Pain Workshop

How long have you been in pain?

Physicians say Physical Therapy is the fast track to back pain relief

Propriofoot Exercises

Iontophoresis in Physical Therapy

Your Feet are Unique - Choose a Shoe that is Too

Dry Needling for Headaches

Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

Cold Laser - a powerful technique for treating tendonitis!

Keeping Active During Pregnancy

Dr. Julianne treats Mortons Neuroma

Treatment of Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis (PTT)

Core strengthening during pregnancy

Proprioception training and fall risk

Most people don't realize how far you can go with theraband!

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