Choosing the Right Shoe

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BioMechanic Physical Therapy - how to choose a shoe

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This is for those who have painful toes or a very stiff ankle that prevents them from walking well.  Those might seem like two totally different problems, but both are solved by using a rocker bottom shoe.  There is one difference though I wil admit.  The painful toe people need a very stiff & solid rocker sole, the stiff ankle people can have a flexible sole.

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Pain Management

This is an article about a pain & inflammation management tool that I have absolutely loved for 20 years and cannot believe that so few practitioners know about it!  Scandalous.  So please read this if your physical therapy is just a bunch of exercises, there can be so much more to it.

Secrets of the Athletes

Have you always wanted to be like an Olympiad?  Well, you can have those round marks wherever you want! We have done cupping here at BioMechanic PT for years!  Read on to see what problems cupping can help with.

Bad Shoes & Bunions

If you always thought you inherited your bunions and thought there is nothing to be done about it – THINK AGAIN.  Something can be done – and I don’t mean surgery.  Read on to see a solution that won’t disrupt your life.