Insurance & Forms

Insurances we Accept

We file claims with all insurance companies that offer both in-network & out-of-network physical therapy benefits.

We will be happy to contact your insurance carrier prior to your initial visit and to verify what your physical therapy benefits are and contact you with the information provided to us.

We also offer flexible payment plans for those carriers that require deductibles, co-insurances, & co-pays. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have in regard to your individual health plan.

Download the New Patient Forms

Download the New Patient Forms

Out of Network? Good News

Did you know it can cost you less to go out of network with your health insurance? At BioMechanic Physical Therapy, we want to show you how to save money by using your health insurance as smartly as possible. When a physical therapy doctor signs a contract to be "innetwork," that doctor must charge you your copay and cannot waive the deductible. It's part of the contract for the doctor, as they will get kicked out of the network if they violate the terms of the agreement. On the other hand, if you see a doctor out of network, they are under no constraints as they don't have to take a copay. The doctor can actually waive the fee entirely or ask you for less!

There are a few reasons why a doctor would do this. Let's take one insurance I used to be "innetwork" with as an example. When my company was "in-network," the total of this particular insurance company paid plus the patient's copay was $45 per visit. The amount that it costs my company to deliver an average visit is $110 per visit. Since, at that point, I had a choice to either deliver less value or cancel my insurance contract, I chose to cancel the contract as our practice prides itself on providing the best care for our patients. After that, I started billing this same health insurance company "out of network." Shockingly, they reimbursed me $135 per visit; that's $25 more than I needed, which means I don't need to take a copay from the patient. As a matter of fact, for every three visits, I could give one visit free to this patient. Again, they were "out of network."

Just because you're "out of network" doesn't mean it will cost you more; it pays to have us check your benefits so we can tailor the cost to you! Not everywhere do this, but at BioMechanic Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on being a smart small business. We cannot stress enough, that don't be afraid about going "out of network" any longer.