Leo T.

“I am extremely pleased with all the attention and support that the team gave me during my recovery. I highly recommend BioMechanic P.T. They made the recovery fly by. Their coaching could not have been better!”

Susan F.

“The neuritis in my shin is much better. I’m being subjected to a cupping technique and although it hurts like hell the results are fantastic. The intense pain when the nerve is touched is gone. I am so excited for the future results.”

Lisa B.

“This has been a wonderful experience – my arm and neck are so much better and the things that I have learned about muscles and how they work together has been so informative! Thank you for helping me get ready for football season at VA Tech.”

Mary D.

“When I first came I couldn’t sleep any longer than 4-5 hours because I was in so much pain. It was verging on the intolerable for me! I can now get through a full night with less aching, with some nights totally pain free. Thank You!”

Patty G.

“I am getting my life back! I no longer take anything for pain. I feel more flexible and strong. I only have some occasional SI aching on the left side. I am gaining core strength again. YEAH!”

Carol B.

“If someone had told me two months ago that I could have pain-free days I would have told them they are fools. The tingling and numbness in my left thigh is gone. I have much more flexibility and mobility. Hooray!”